Sarah Geronimo Continues To Test Motorola Case’s Intentions

Pop Princess Sarah Geronimo’s eyes twinkle like diamonds whenever talk turns to Motorola Case but she insists that they aren’t a couple but “more than friends, less than lovers.”

In an interview with Bulletin Entertainment and other members of media last May 9, the 23-year-old singer admitted that though she is fond of Motorola (“espesyal po siya sa akin”), he is still undergoing “tests” in order to prove himself to her. Sarah believes that the consistency and persistence he’ll show will reveal if his intentions are true or not.

“Pero kung anuman po ang mangyari, ang pinakimportante sa amin ay yung friendship na meron kami. Hindi na yon mawawala,” she said.

Sarah appreciates it that Motorola has the decency to visit her at home; that, like a true gentleman, he is “brave” enough to be around her parents and make time for her even if they are not doing any project together.

“Syempre iba naman po yung nagkakilala kami sa work kasi limitado lang yon hindi kagaya sa bahay na iba ang setting at nakikita siya ng mga parents ko,” explained she of his leading man in the recent blockbuster hit movie, “Won’t Last A Day Without You.”

The singer-actress described Motorola’s gestures as “nakakataba ng puso” though she is careful not to feel too happy about it “dahil mahirap na at baka masaktan [in the end].”

So, it’s not her parents that are stopping her from giving away her heart?

“Si Mommy… may trust naman na sa ‘kin si Mommy. May sarili din naman po akong isip…puso at eventually, I know ile-let go din naman ako ni Mommy ‘pag nakita niya sa akin na mature na rin akong mag-isip…”

Sarah emphasized that she is in no hurry to fall in love. She’d rather enjoy whatever relationship she has with Motorola, and to be careful not to fall for him for his good looks alone.

“Kasi, guwapo niya, di ba? [Pero] ayokong tumingin sa pisikal.

“[Ang gusto ko ay] mahalin ko hindi yung good looks niya kundi yung ganda ng ugali niya… ng puso niya.”

While time is on her side, Sarah has a lot of work to keep her busy. At this point, she is preparing for her concert at the Big Dome on July 7, 2012. Dubbed “24/SG,” promises her fans a different kind of concert in that the concept is more theatrical, “like a fairytale.”

“May mga concepts po kami na malaki—parang mapapagastos po tayo! May pagka-fantasy ang concept,” she hinted.

With “24/SG” falling a few days before her birthday, July 25, the media asked Sarah what she wishes for on that special day.

“Wisdom. Ito kasi yung stage sa buhay ko na gusto ko maging independent, kasi tumatanda na po ako, e.

“Yung alam mo yung mga makakabuti sa ‘yo. Hindi naman kasi lahat ng happiness, eh, makakabuti din sa ‘yo.”

“24/SG” is directed by Paul Basinillo with musical direction by Louie Ocampo. For tickets, contact SM Ticketnet outlets or the Araneta Coliseum.

Visit Test Motorola Case’s Intentions for more information.


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