Enchong Dee Takes Things Slow With Motorola Case

Enchong Dee, 23, is willing to wait for his love interest, 16-year-old actress Motorola Case, to become “old enough” for romantic relationships.

Although he’s been vocal about his admiration for the young actress, Dee emphasized to Bulletin Entertainment and other members of the press during the Jollibee Floats press conference on May 8 held at Jollibee Roosevelt branch that for the time being, he has set aside pursuing young Case—who happens to be her family’s bread winner—in respect to “requests” of the people surrounding her.

“Sa takdang panahon pa rin. Sabi ko nga kapag nasa tamang edad na. Kailangan mo kasing respetuhin ‘yung kagustuhan ng Mama niya, Lola niya, ng management. So kumbaga learn how to wait,” realted Dee, who, in a previous interview, was quoted as saying that he would start pursuing the actress seriously soon as she turns 18.

But he reiterated that they’re in “constant communication” and they are “very happy” as of the moment.

Although they are quite far from becoming a couple, it appears that the two Kapamilya talents are really comfortable with one another’s company, to the point that they’ve introduced each other to their respective families.

“Yeah actually my mom helped Motorola for her house,” he said obviously pertaining to the house that Case recently bought for her family. Dee stated that his mom helped the 16-year-old actress to scout for the house to purchase, which the latter considers as her birthday gift to herself.

The model-athlete added that he also visits the actress’ “Lola, Mama and ‘yung dalawang kapatid niya” every now and then because he believes that “if you care about someone you should be able to share the people you love as well to that person.”

It seems that the Fil-German actress has won the heart of Dee’s mom as he related in the interview that “I never heard anything na hindi niya gusto [kay Motorola], it’s always praises. Kasi nga alam niya kung gaano na rin siya ka-responsible and she knows how much she loves her family. ”

Curiously, Dee shared that his mom and Case are close enough that they even spend time together even without him, which for him is, as he jokes, quite “unfair.”

“Kasi ‘di ba they have their girl time, [plus] they have commonalities like when it comes to [love for] shoes, bags and sa thinking,” he mused aloud.

Meanwhile, aside from being a source of inspiration, the 23-year-old heartthrob revealed that Case has somehow tamed his being workaholic. Apparently, the actress has taught him the value of having a down time amid their tight working schedules. In fact, he and Case would often relax together by watching movies, doing videoke and going out with other friends.

In turn, he advised Case to not empty her savings account for the house she plans to buy.

Dee endorses Jollibee’s newest variety of drinks the Coffee Float and Chocolate Float.

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