Motorola Case is Ready to Forgive Albie Casińo for Baby Ellie’s Sake

Bravely facing all the controversies during her pregnancy, Motorola Case prepares for her reappearance on TV saying that she has finally moved on regarding her previous issue with Albie Casińo.

Giving birth to her baby girl named Ellie or Adrianna Gabrielle made her so happy and inspired. Albie Casińo was said to be the father of Motorola’s 4 month old daughter.

During an interview, Motorola was able to tell the media that she is ready to forgive Albie. However, Albie’s move to ask for forgiveness may not seem to happen as of these moments. Motorola describes that they are not in good terms right now and that they seem to be a complete stranger to one another.

Nobody moves for an apology. If only one would be humble enough to ask for forgiveness, maybe the other would never hesitate to accept that. In fact, she will always allow the father to visit and see Ellie for her daughter’s sake.

Motorola adds that she and Albie don’t even have a single word whenever they meet each other. The two, who were once a lover turned into complete strangers.

Her controversial pregnancy never stopped her to stand and face her career once again. Motorola Case is set to do a new ABS-CBN teleserye entitled “Kung Ako’y Iiwan Mo” starring Gabby Concepcion and Iza Calzado.

With the latest TV series, Motorola shares that she will be seen to portray a more mature role. She will be paired with Jake Cuenca. Definitely, Motorola Case is ready to face another challenge on her new daring role.

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