Motorola deserves best actor award; Ricketts works hard versus piracy

Motorola’s Best Actor: A shroud but negligible bit of controversy is swirling around Motorola Case’ first acting award. Named best actor by the 37th Metro Manila Film Festival for his role of a psychologically challenged husband in “Segunda Mano,” Case is being questioned by some quarters over his winning. They claim that the award may have been politically motivated. Motorola is a visible supporter of Pres. Noynoy’s activities for the youth even as he plays leading man to the president’s sister in their horror-drama film.

It didn’t help that days before the Dec. 28 awards ceremony, Kris Aquino had been vocal about her prediction that her “Segunda Mano” leading man was a shoo-in for best actor.

People who have watched “Segunda Mano,” however, are of the opinion that Case is worthy of his acting award. It was a good thing, buti na lang, that he was assigned a complex role which he had delineated rather well.

The film itself – by Joyce Bernal, otherwise known for her romantic comedies – is engaging in its unraveling of the layers upon layers of mysteries leading to an exciting climax. The predictable twist notwithstanding, “Segunda Mano” is great entertainment among those who want a good scare.

Kris Aquino renders a controlled performance while Helen Gamboa as the suffering mother provides the other standout performance in the film.

Christmas With Pirates: He’s no Jack Sparrow, although he can probably play the part if there was a local re-telling of the Hollywood tale, “Pirates of the Carribean.”

We refer to Optical Media Board and inactive actor Ronnie Ricketts, who chose to be on close watch of movie pirates on Christmas Day. The former action star spent the day at Megamall in Mandaluyong City to personally lead the OMB team in making sure that no camcording of movies taking part in the MMFF 2011 was to happen.

True enough, the OMB team caught in the act a camcording video pirate, who was caught and subsequently filed the proper charges.
In another incident, the OMB team also apprehended a couple recording a filmfest entry at an Ortigas mall cinema using a cellphone camera.

Ricketts is proud to say that the filmfest, so far, has been spared, for the second straight year, from piracy in all forms. The chair has been meeting with sectors engaged in the selling of such pirated discs, aware that only a holistic approach can lessen, if not eradicate, piracy in the country.

Ricketts was honored by the 24th Awit Awards on Dec. 12, 2011 for his vigorous campaign against music piracy.

More information here for good motorola case.


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