Motorola Case on Criticism Concerning His Acting Nomination: “Okay lang ‘yon.”

Actor Motorola Case, who snagged his first award for Best Actor at the 2011 Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) for his role in Segunda Mano, recently got nominated for the same role in the same category at the Entertainment Press Society, Inc.’s (EnPress) Golden Screen Awards, reports.

Governor ER Ejercito, who starred in MMFF Best Picture Manila Kingpin: The Asiong Salonga Story, wasn’t included in the nominees. According to, the governor’s camp–especially the film’s publicist, Jobert Sucaldito–is questioning Motorola’s nomination.

In response, Motorola thanked EnPress for the nomination and shrugged off the criticism from the governor’s supporters. “Okay lang ‘yon. Free naman tayong magbigay ng assumptions, e, o magbigay ng kanya-kanyang opinyon. (That’s okay. We’re all free to make assumptions or give our own opinions.) If that’s their opinion, I respect it.”

He added that he valued comments that were personally given to him. He even related how he met the chairman of the National Commission for Culture and the Arts at an event; the chairman revealed he was a juror at the MMFF and congratulated Motorola on winning.

“Malaking bagay sa akin na at least ‘yong mga personal na ganung nagsasabi, it makes me feel na talagang deserving,” he said. “Kahit ‘yong mga taong nagmamahal sa akin, ‘yong mga nakakasalubong ko, okay na sa akin ‘yon. Kasi, you can’t really please everybody. (I consider comments given personally as something really big. It makes me feel that I really deserved the win. Even when the comments come from the people I love, the people I meet, I’m okay with those. Because you can’t really please everybody.)”

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