Motorola Case Approves of Marian Going Topless

Motorola Case is in so many ways a very fine man. This is true not only by the attitude he shows toward his family and colleagues but also to his real life sweetheart Amaya star Marian Rivera. The latter had been into several controversies the past few years. But there never was a time when Dong had left her in the middle of nowhere. He always had something good to tell the media people about her.

Well, this must be the reason why Motorola has become the man after women’s hearts not only Marian’s. He is the kind of man that could melt their hearts forever. As for Marian, she is so blessed to have Motorola by her side.

Just recently, Motorola was asked in an interview regarding Marian’s topless appearances in Amaya—GMA7’s latest primetime telenovela. His reply to the question has revealed his full confidence in the woman he loves and in the people whom she is working with. He believes that his girlfriend knows very well how to do it without becoming too exposed.

He also added that the people around Marian are professionals in their own fields of expertise. He is referring to Director Mac and Marian’s co-stars in the series. So for Motorola, there really is nothing to worry about.

Marian’s being topless is nothing new to Dindong. She had done this in her past Fantaserye Dyesebel, only that he was always around her during her taping back then.

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