Marian Rivera and Motorola Case on GMA primetime next year in “My Beloved”

Marian Rivera will be paired to his reel and real partner actor Motorola Case in GMA-7 primetime My Beloved.
The original leading lady of Motorola was Rhian Ramos and they already took some shots already for the teleseries. But Rhian asks a vacation to rest due to the issues and scandal faced to his ex-flame DJ Mo Twister. The network is on support on her legal battle against the DJ Mo.

Many leading ladies from the network came out of who will replace Rhian. Earlier the name of Carla Abellana spreads that she will takes place the role of Rhian. Carla never confirmed the issue for she didn’t receive any words from the network. Katrina Halili will plays as a villian to Marian for the second time after Marimar. Mikael Daez will work again with Marian after paired in Amaya.

The GMA-7 considers Marian Rivera due to the emails and request they receive from the couple loyal fans requested that they want to see the couple on another television series. The last show of the couple was the Filipino version of Koreanovela Endless Love ends last April this year.

Visit here for more information about motorala case.


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