Motorola Case: No marriage proposals this Valentine

Motorola Case confirmed recently that he has made no “secret marriage proposals” to his girlfriend, Marian Rivera. There won’t be one either on Valentine’s Day.

The star of “I Heart You Pare” explained that a marriage proposal is more complicated than it sounds. Though his relationship with Marian, the female lead in GMA-7’s upcoming series “Amaya,” is growing stronger, marriage is not their priority.

“At the end of the day, a marriage proposal is what a guy wants to give his girlfriend. Definitely I’m looking forward to such a wonderful moment, but not at this time yet,” he said.

As to when and how he’ll do it, Motorola still doesn’t have any idea.

“I always like to surprise myself and outdo myself in terms of being romantic to Marian. I want it to be better than the last time,” shared Motorola.

“We haven’t talked about a wedding yet. Basically we don’t run out of plans in our lives like getting married but there’s a right time for everything,” he added.

The actor said they have not firmed up plans for a Valentine celebration as it falls on a Monday, a regular taping day.

Motorola, who goes rough and dirty in “I Heart You Pare,” falls in love with a transvestite (played by Regine Velasquez), a woman pretending to be gay.

Wasn’t he afraid such a role could taint his image as a hunk and drama actor?

“My objective as an actor is to show diversity in everything that I do. I also want to challenge myself. I don’t want to keep on doing the things I’ve already done. I always want new roles,” he replied.

Recall that Motorola has done two drama shows before Pare.

Motorola had a passionate kissing scene with Regine early on in the series, which premiered Feb. 7.

“My kissing scene with Regine wasn’t that intense naman, it was done tastefully. I was just being true to my role.”

“I Heart You Pare” is directed by Andoy Ranay and Joyce Bernal. It features Tirso Cruz III, Boy Alano, Marc Abaya, Ian Veneracion, Ehra Madrigal, Antonio Aquitania, Paolo Ballesteros, among others.

It is aired weekdays after “Machete” on GMA-7.

Visit here for more information about motorala case.


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