Motorola Xoom Case Cover

The book is typically chosen at random with care taken to ensure we don’t use anything potentially offensive or blatantly religious in nature. If you have a specific type of book in mind, please don’t hesitate to contact us to see what we may have in stock that would be a good fit. However, please keep in mind that we acquire our books through “last stop” sources which means the selection is always changing and our control is limited. If you own a book you want us to use, let us know and we would be more than happy to convert it to a case for you!

Note: The cases in the picture are not the case you will receive. These are examples of other cases we’ve made for this device.

The left page is also selected at random with an emphasis put on ensuring that it is aesthetically appealing in nature. This means that many of the left pages we select are pictures but we have no problem using a text left page either. If you prefer an all text left page, please let us know. Otherwise, we will do our best to find a beautiful left page picture for your case.

We use a beautiful, heavy light brown jacquard fabric to cover the outside of the book and the inside cutout where the device will lay. Fabric is also available in dark brown and black (available in our shop listings).

A white woven elastic closure is used to keep your case closed when you’re on the go. We also recently began adding two white 1/4″ inside elastic straps in the top left and bottom right corners. These straps secure the device inside the case, thus allowing you to safely surf in bed, in a hammock, on a beach, or anywhere else you like to use your device laying down.

The pull tab is made from the same heavy jacquard fabric and located in the top right corner of the case. It allows for easy and quick removal of the device and access to the power button.

The original book and heavy duty liner provide superior impact protection from drops and accidents. Our toddler has actually been kind enough to prove the durability of our personal TouchPad case over and over again. He has thrown it, danced on top of it (with the TouchPad inside!), and dropped it more than once. So far, the TouchPad is completely unharmed!

Many thieves would love to steal your Xoom but few want to steal your book.

We offer free domestic shipping on all orders and we have a no-questions-asked 60 day return policy! The details for both along with everything else you want to know can be found under our ‘Shop Policies.’ Check them out here…

This listing is for a case for the Motorola Xoom tablet. For other device or models, please see our shop listings at or contact us directly.

APPROXIMATE DIMENSIONS: (Case dimensions vary slightly with each book)
Height: 9″
Width: 6″
Depth: .7″
Weight: ~1 lb

More information here for motorola screen protector case.


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